Cho PD Returns as an Artist and Shows Off Album Cover Design By His 7 Year Old Son

Cho PD has set aside his producer title and came back as an artist.

On September 16, Cho PD released a new mini-album for the first time in two years. The album is titled, “In Stardom V3.0.” The album contains a diverse genre of tracks with hip-hop, R&B, rock and ballads. Cho PD also shows off his vocal skills rather than just rapping for the first time since his debut.

jopd album cover

Cho PD also revealed that his album cover was designed by his seven-year-old son. On September 16, he tweeted, “The package is just my style~ Thnx 2 Choi Ki Woong.” The simple winged logo was designed by none other than his son. This garnered much attention as Cho PD graduated from Parsons School of Design.

Meanwhile, Cho PD and Stardom Entertainment announced a new hip-hop group called “Top Dog” to make their debut in the near future. This announcement came after Stardom and Block B came to a settlement after a long legal battle.