Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Welcomes Chuseok with Aegyo

On September 16, Girls’ Generation member Tiffany posted a photograph of herself wearing a hanbok (Korean traditional wear) on her UFO TOWN account. In the photograph, Tiffany is wearing a hanbok in honor of Chuseok which is on September 19. The idol shows off a variety of cute aegyo poses. 

Chuseok is a harvest festival where Koreans traditionally gave thanks for a bountiful harvest and honored their ancestors with a feast of traditional Korean food and folk games. In modern Korea, the holiday is observed for three days and is the biggest holiday of the year (the exodus from cities to hometowns across the country also causes the biggest traffic jams of the year). 

Fans who saw Tiffany’s photograph commented: “Tiffany is so cute!” “When Tiffany shows her aegyo, it’s over,” and “Tiffany’s photograph gives off a feeling of Chuseok.”