F-ve Dolls Drops “First Love” Mini Album, Unveils “You Cheated“ MV

Great news for F-ve Dolls fans!

On September 17, the group dropped third mini album “First Love” and also unveiled a music video for one of the tracks in the album titled “You Cheated.” F-ve Dolls released the music video for title track “Love Me, Love Me Not” featuring T-Ara N4’s Dani last week ahead of the album’s official release.

“You Cheated” is co-penned and co-produced by composers Park Duk Sang and Park Hyun Joong. It’s a medium tempo track that showcases the members powerful vocal skills. Although the song has a bright melody, the lyrics are sad.

The album contains six tracks in total. Double Sidekick, Sinsadong Tiger, and Park Duk Sang, a few of South Korea’s biggest hitmakers, participated in the album.

Also released today was their making of video for “Love Me, Love Me Not.”