Members of F.T. Island Swear They Have Awesome Teamwork

The members of F.T. Island swear that they have awesome teamwork.

The group was in the middle of the photoshoot for fashion magazine @star1 for the October issue and briefly stopped for a quick interview. When asked about their teamwork, the members replied, “We contact each other often.”

The members continued, “We have our own chatroom on Kakao and always contact one another. Since we’ve spent a big chunk of our lives together and just a lot of time with one another, we’re used to being with one another and it’s comfortable.”

“On average, we have at least thirty concerts. We’re always together to practice and perform so there aren’t many days where we are apart.”

Meanwhile, F.T. Island plans to release a special album titled “Thanks To” commemorative of the group’s 6th anniversary. The whole album will be written by the members and will be released on September 23.