Electroboyz Doesn’t Mind the Rain in “Let It Rain” Music Video

The talented hip-hop group ELECTROBOYZ released the music video for their latest single “Let It Rain” through the official Loen Entertainment YouTube channel.

“Let It Rain” was produced by Brave Brothers, Galactika, and Electroboys. The soft rap song is about watching the rain while reminiscing about an old lover and the love that ended between the. The chorus is sun by member Chakum while Maboos and 1Ktyne spit the rhymes for the rap verses. As the rainy season comes to end, listeners will be able to watch the rain fall in a romantic light with this easy on the ears song.

The gray toned music video follows a young woman who hears “Let It Rain” on the radio as she rides the bus. The song prompts her to remember her past relationship and reflect on the love that she once shared.