Top Eight Celebrities Netizens Want to Introduce to Their Parents During Chuseok!

It’s the Chuseok holiday in South Korea this week (the equivalent to America’s Thanksgiving holiday) and the traffic within Seoul is finally easing up as many herd down south to visit their parents and relatives celebrating one of the year’s biggest holidays.

As many relatives are gathered at one family’s residence, introducing a significant other to the parents just got more serious. It’s almost the equivalent of getting engaged.

A marriage bureau held a survey for a week asking 328 single men and women in their thirties which celebrity of the opposite gender they would want to introduce to their parents during Chuseok.

The results are… flip through the gallery to see who tops the list!

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chuseok 1

4. Song Ji Hyo (11.3%)

Commands a legion of fans for her participation in variety program “Running Man,” where she shows sides many actresses don’t dare to try.

chuseok 2

3. Kim Tae Hee (14.5%)

Graduated from one of South Korea’s prestigious universities, she wowed the entertainment industry and the public with her smarts and beauty.

chuseok 3

2. Moon Chae Won (17.6%)

Currently loved for her energetic and lovable character in current drama “Good Doctor.”

chuseok 4

1. Lee Bo Young (22.6%)

Will be marrying longtime boyfriend actor Ji Sung just next week on September 27!

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chuseok 5

4. So Ji Sub (11.6%)

Cementing his unceasing popularity with current drama “Master’s Sun.”

chuseok 6

3. Jo Jung Suk (12.2%)

Left the public with a deep impression with his role of Shin Jun Ho in weekend drama “You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin.”

chuseok 7

2. Lee Seo Jin (15.9%)

Experiencing a second wave of popularity through tvN’s variety program “Grandpas Over Flowers” showing his considerate and reliable side.

chuseok 8

1. Lee Sang Yoon (18.9%)

Graduated from one of South Korea’s top universities with a degree in physics, he’s got the brains and the looks.

Random Fact: Did you know that Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Bo Young were a couple in KBS’s drama “My Daughter, Seoyoung”? It reached over 40% in viewership ratings.

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