Will Sunny Look Like Singer Choi Jin Hee in 30 years?

Do Girls’ Generation member Sunny and singer Choi Jin Hee look alike?

If you frequent online community forums, you might have noticed several trending “Sunny vs. Choi Jin Hee” threads.
A netizen on Daum Telzone shared an article with the comment, “Personally, I think Sunny and Choi Jin Hee look 90% alike. What do you guys think?” The poster also provided many photos of the two female celebrities in order to help readers make a good side-by-side comparison.
Netizens commented, “Holy cow, they look the same,” “Sunny will look like Choi Jin Hee in 30 years,” “It’s amazing how similar they look,” “Sunny is so nice. She’s becoming prettier day by day,” and “These pictures made me laugh.”
Meanwhile, Sunny has been busy with her participation in Ntv‘s “Grandpas Over Flowers” and is receiving much love from viewers for her unique charms. 
What do you think, Soompiers? Is the resemblance really there?