Ha Yeon Soo Compares Her Two Kiss Scenes with Yong Junhyung and Yeo Jin Goo

Ha Yeon Soo recently compared her kiss scenes with Yong Jun Hyung and Yeo Jin Goo.

On September 16, the press conference for “Potato Star 2013QR3” was held at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul. There, Ha Yeon Soo revealed, “I filmed a kiss scene with Yeo Jin Goo recently. We got a lot of mosquito bites but the filming ended successfully.”

When asked to compare her kiss scene with Yong Jun Hyung in “Monstar” with the one she filmed with Yeo Jin Goo, Ha Yeon Soo answered, “Both kiss scenes took similar amounts of time to film. I think the filming for ‘Monstar’ went more smoothly since Yong Jun Hyung oppa is more experienced. Yeo Jin Goo said it was his first kiss scene and felt bad.”

“Potato Star” is the new sitcom series directed by the “High Kick” series PD, Kim Byung Wook. It is about a strange star that falls near the Noh family’s home and the events that occur from it. Ha Yeon Soo plays the role of Na Jin Ah, who is the breadwinner of a poor family. Yeo Jin Goo plays a computer programmer, who gets involved in the house of Noh.

Although Ha Yeon Soo and Yeo Jin Goo play characters who are around the same age, they are actually seven years apart in real life!

Ha Yeon Soo commented, “Yeo Jin Goo and I are seven years apart. I am older,” and “So I was really worried over the love line with him. But fortunately, we look similar in age. Even though I do get wrinkles around my eyes when I laugh, I think it will be okay.”

Then Yeo Jin Goo added, “Since I look old for my age and nuna looks young for her age, it’s okay. I was worried too but after working together and monitoring our scenes, the director and I smiled. Our big worries went away.”

Meanwhile, “Potato Star” stars Lee Soon Jae, No Joo Hyun, Geum Bora, Yeo Jin Goo, Ko Kyung Pyo, Ha Yeon Soo, Seo Ye Ji, Kim Jung Min, Choi Song Hyun, Jang Ki Ha, Oh Young Shil and Kim Kwang Gyu. It will air its pilot episode on September 23.