Lee Chun Hee Turns into a Furniture Designer

Actor Lee Chun Hee has revealed another artistic talent. The “Cyrano Dating Agency” actor is also a budding furniture designer whose work is on display in the “2013 Take Off Korea.” 

“2013 Take Off Korea” is a revival exhibition of young and new artists featuring different media such as painting, ceramics, perfume, jewelry, toys, lighting, shoes, independent cinema, pattern art and graffiti, among others. A total of 21 teams have participated, with Lee Chun Hee contributing to furniture design.

Lee Chun Hee’s design features multi-cultural influences in modern Korea’s homes. His work reflected the Korean sensibilities while mixing in Western influences, adhering to the exhibit’s theme of fusion in contemporary design. Lee Chun Hee is praised for his seemingly professional work.

The exhibit engages the visitors in five senses, and is easily accessible to the public. “2013 Take Off Korea” is also meant to begin exchange among young artists and to help them in generating future earnings through their work.

Apart from his participation in “2013 Take Off Korea,” Lee Chun Hee was recently named the honorary ambassador for the Persons with Disability Film Festival, happening on Sept. 23-27.

Lee Chun Hee’s furniture will be on display beginning Sept. 22 at the Blue Hannam Cultural Complex.

Lee Chun Hee furniture