Lee Sang Yoon Treats “Goddess Of Fire” Staff With Gifts

Actor Lee Sang Yoon from the MBC drama “Goddess of Fire, Jung-Yi” appears to be in a giving mood recently with the talented actor treating the drama staff with some significant presents.


According to a press release from his agency, “J Wide Company,” Lee Sang Yoon has gifted the whole staff team of “Goddess of Fire, Jung-Yi” with a set of matching t-shirts, hats and a food cart to feed the whole team. The signed t-shirt, hat and meal is said to have helped ease a lot of the tiredness that the whole team was suffering from and gave a much needed morale boost to the whole team. 

“Goddess of Fire” continues to however struggle slightly in the Monday-Tuesday rating war, with ratings for the September 18 episode managing just 7.2%, which is a 0.3% drop compared to the previous episode. In comparison “Good Doctor” continues to easily hold onto first place with 18.6% while “Empire of Gold” reached its conclusion with ratings of 9.7%. With the story for “Goddess of Fire” starting to get interesting, the drama should hopefully start to see some rating rises next week.