Celebrities Out In Force To Celebrate The Chuseok Holidays

It’s the festive season in Korea as everyone welcomes the Chuseok long weekend for 2013. It’s the time of year when everyone goes down to their home towns, wear some beautiful looking Hanbok (traditional Korean dress), eat some songpyeon (rice cake usually eaten during the Chuseok festivities) and pay their respects to their ancestors by bowing down for another year of good harvests and fortunes. 

Of course it wouldn’t be the Chuseok holidays if we didn’t have celebrities coming out in force to say their Chuseok greetings and show off their lovely hanboks. So here is a gallery of pictures we’ve compiled of celebrities posing in their hanboks along with any greetings they have said to fans all over. Happy Chuseok everyone!

3f09be7e1f5811e3bc2222000a1f98f9_7Girls’ Generation: Yuri

First on the list is Girls’ Generation’s Yuri, who posted the above picture on her Instagram account along with the message “The Hangawi Full Moon Set, Best, Have A Happy Chuseok.” Hangawi is the alternate name for Chuseok and literally means “The Great Middle (of Autumn)” which is a reference to the fact that the holiday occurs during the Autumn equinox (when the Earth’s north and southern hemispheres are the same distances away from the sun and not tilted to one direction). 


Girls’ Generation: Tiffany

Next on the list is Tiffany, who updated her ufoTown profile picture with a set of photos that show her in a lovely looking white hanbok putting on a variety of expressions.


Wonder Girls: Sunye

Sunye must be pretty busy right with a baby coming but that hasn’t stopped her from taking a lovely photo with her husband and pet. In a Twitter post, Sunye posted the above photo along with the message “Have a happy holiday~ I hope this Chuseok holiday will be one that will leave you with lots of good memories.” 



Next on the list is talented girl group, SISTAR, whose agency “Starship Entertainmentposted the above picture on their official Twitter account along with the following message, “To everyone in the Starship family that has provided SISTAR with plenty of love this year, we hope you have a holiday that is filled with joy and with hearts that are enriched and cozy during the Chuseok holidays.”


Starship Entertainment Family

Next is a group shot of the whole Starship Entertainment family posted on their official Twitter account. The post has a photo that shows SISTAR, Boyfriend and K.Will in hanboks along with a message that wishes everyone a happy Hangawi.


Girls’ Generation: Seohyun

We now head back to the Girls’ Generation family with their youngest member Seohyun posting her Chuseok greetings on the official Girls’ Generation website. Seohyun posted the above photo along with the message, “Everyone~! I hope you have an enriching and joyful Hangawi with your family. A small Chuseok photo gift from Seohyun.”


Girls’ Generation: Soo Young

We once again return to the Girls’ Generation homepage, where this time Soo Young has posted her own Chuseok greetings. She writes “I hope your Hangawi is filled with good food, good clothing and great fun. Everyone~ eat plenty of delicious songpyeon (rice cakes) and have a happy Chuseok.” 


Crayon Pop

We now move on from the normal to the slightly absurd with Crayon Pop’s unique Hanbok style. The girls have been pretty busy even during the Chuseok holiday, with various Chuseok-related interviews with a wide range of media outlets. In all those pictures, the girls can be seen in their trademark tracksuit pants and scooter helmet along with a set of matching hanboks. They have also posted a Chuseok greeting video on their official YouTube channel.


Nine Muses: Kyungri

Nine Muses’s Kyungri has gone to her Twitter to post her Chuseok greetings. She posted the above photo of herself in a lime-colored hanbok along with the message, “Everyone! Have a happy Chuseok. I was watching the news and saw how there are a lot of people that unfortunately can’t be with their families because of work. I think it will be good to call them and tell them that you love them and want to see them.”


Dal Shabet

Dal Shabet is also joining in on the festive greetings with their official Twitter account posting the above picture along with the message, “All you Darlings (their official fan club name), Chuseok is here! Eat lots of delicious food and have a happy Hangawi.” They have also posted a greeting on their YouTube account as well.


Girls’ Generation: Sunny

You thought I was finished with Girls’ Generation didn’t you? Nope we still have Sunny, who posted her Chuseok greetings on her Instagram account. She also posted the following long and rather comedic message, “The foreign daughter-in-law has arrived to give her Chuseok greetings. Mother-in-Law, Father-in-Law, have an enriching Hangawi! I will pray that you will have a Hangawi where you have the peace of mind to be able to gather around under the full moon and chat with family and the people you love.”


Akdong Musician

We now have YG Entertainment’s sibling duo, Akdong Musician. YG Entertainment revealed the above photos of the sibling in hanboks as well as passing on a message from the duo which states that the siblings hope that you “Have a happy and enriching Hangawi with family and travel down to your home town with care.”


Actress Park Shin Hye

Singers weren’t the only ones posting their Chuseok greetings, with beautiful actress Park Shin Hye posting her Chuseok greetings on her Twitter account. Along with the picture of herself in a lovely looking blue and pink hanbok, she posted the following greeting, “It’s Chuseok, our traditional national holiday. Have a joyful and enriching Hangawi with your whole family. Eun Sang is busily recording in the U.S. and will return afterwards in a healthy state!” Eun Sang here is the name of her character in her upcoming drama, “The Heirs.


Jewelry: Yewon

One of my favourite celebrities and Jewelry member Yewon has posted her own Chuseok greeting on her Twitter account. Posing in her green hanbok she writes, “Everyone have a happy Chuseok holiday. It doesn’t matter who you’re with as long you’re happy. Eat plenty of delicious things and make a wish as well hehe. I’m going to go eat with my family as well~ Yay.” 

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