Top Three Official Celebrity Couples People Want to See Married

It’s official – Won Bin and Lee Na Young have been crowned the celebrity couple people most want to see married!

A recent survey carried out on Y-STAR’sGung Geum Ta” asked both couple managing experts and viewers, “Who is the best celebrity couple that should get married soon?” 

While looking at a picture of Won Bin and Lee Na Young, one expert explained, “The longer I look at the picture, the more this couple looks like they’re brother and sister.” The viewers commented, “They look like soulmates whose comfort level with each other is extremely high.”

Let’s see who else made the list of official couples people want to see married.

Number two goes to Jo In Sung and Kim Min Hee.


They have been seeing each other since early this year and officially reported to be in a relationship this April. It is said that they kept their friendship for nearly ten years before they became lovers. 

Number three is soccer star Park Ji Sung and SBS announcer Kim Min Ji.


They confirmed that they are dating this June. Park Ji Sung had appeared on the entertainment program “Running Man” and he confessed his love for his girlfriend at an official press conference after filming the show.

Best wishes to all the couples! Are there any other real-life celebrity couples you’d like to see married? Tell us in the comments below.