Groom-to-Be Park Jin Young Reveals His Beautiful Home

The groom-to-be producer and artist Park Jin Young has recently revealed his beautiful home to the public!

On September 14, the MBC documentary, “People Are Good,” revealed Park Jin Young’s everyday life in a short segment of the show.

The documentary staff visited Park Jin Young’s home in Guri-si of the Gyeonggi Province. His home was surrounded by a lovely garden on the outside and the inside of his home was decorated with simple and neat-looking furniture.

Eyes were especially drawn to Park Jin Young’s two pet dogs, named Hodu and Pie. As soon as he woke up, Park Jin Young went to feed his pets and take care of them, showing the viewers his warm, fatherly side.

Park Jin Young also showed viewers how he works on music at his home, as well as stay in shape with his exercise machines.

Park Jin Young has recently made his 10th album comeback with “Had Enough Parties” and has sent shockwaves through the world with his marriage announcement, to which many fellow artists and celebrities reacted with their support and congratulations.

Meanwhile, Yang Hyun Suk of YG Entertainment opened up about Park Jin Young’s attempt to bring Wonder Girls to the US market during this episode.