Yang Yoseob Sings Love Duet with World-Renowned Soprano Jo Sumi

BEAST‘s Yang Yo Seob has recently held a duet performance with the world-renowned soprano, Jo Sumi.

On September 16, photos of Yang Yo Seob and Jo Sumi during the performance were revealed. On September 14 and 15, Jo Sumi’s park concert “La Fantasia” was held at the Olympic Park’s 88 Field.

When introducing Yo Seob, Jo Sumi commented, “Depth is what touches a person’s heart and I hope Yo Seob’s songs receive a lot of love from many people.”

Jo Sumi and Yang Yo Seob held hands as they poured their souls into the love duet, “Person, Love.” As soon as the song ended, Jo Sumi hugged Yang Yo Seob in a warm embrace.

Following the duet, Yang Yo Seob sang “Mother” for a solo performance. BEAST’s agency revealed, “The song ‘Mother’ holds a special meaning for how Yo Seob got to be involved in this concert. Jo Sumi watched Yo Seob singing ‘Mother’ on YouTube and she was really moved, which is how she contacted him to sing for this concert.”

After his performances were over, Yang Yo Seob posted on his SNS account, “I really thank Teacher Jo Sumi for allowing me to stand on such an amazing stage and a big thanks to everyone who made my lacking voice turn into a great performance,” and “It was really a great experience and a good learning experience. Thank you to all the people who came to watch as well.”

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