FT Island Shows Natural Charm in Still Cuts from “Memory” MV

With just a few days before their comeback, FT Island has revealed still cuts from their upcoming music video, “Memory.”

On September 17, FT Island’s official FaceBook page uploaded still cuts of each FT Island member. The stills showed the members in their natural setting of various parts of the day such as after showering or before going to sleep.

The stills were all taken in the members’ homes. Leader Choi Jong Hoon‘s still was taken in the morning after he woke up. Lee Hong Ki is captured, wrapped in a towel after a shower. Lee Jae Jin is drinking a cup of milk, Choi Min Hwan is laying on a sofa with a doll while Song Seung Hyun is captured in a coffee shop.

“Memory” is written and composed by Lee Hong Ki and the live teaser clip was released on September 16.

FT Island will make their comeback on September 23 and they will also be throwing a sixth anniversary concert “FTHX” on September 28 and 29.

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