SHINee’s Key and Dana Agreed to “No Tongue” for Their Kiss Scene

SHINee member Key and Dana are currently performing in the musical, “Bonnie and Clyde.” The two stars talked about their kiss scene on their latest appearance in “Radio Star.”

On September 18th, the main cast (consisting of Kim Min Jong, Dana, Key and Park Hyung Shik) of the musical “Bonnie and Clyde” were featured as guests on “Radio Star.”

Key began by saying, “[Dana] felt very awkward about the kiss scene. But there was something we both agreed on beforehand. We told each other, ‘Let’s not have any tongue in the kiss.'”

Dana added, “Since I am pretty close to Key, trying to imagine a kiss scene together was difficult for me. However, I told myself that I should not let this get in the way of our musical- so I tried to go with it as naturally as possible. Although it’s true that it was easier for me this time around than in the past, I did not use my lips.”