More Idol Groups Give Their Chuseok Video Greetings

With the Chuseok (Thanksgiving) holiday week underway, many more idol groups have been releasing their special greeting videos.

BEAST, MYNAME, LC9, SKARF, LED Apple, Hello Venus, VIXX, Jewelry, Nine Muses, ZE:A, and Crayon Pop are featured in this latest batch.

Previously, videos from FNC Entertainment (FT Island, CNBLUE, Juniel, AOA) and Starship Entertainment (K.Will, SISTAR, Boyfriend) were also released.


“Hello! We are BEAST! It’s finally Chuseok! It’s probably the best holiday we celebrate in Korea. Please drive safely on the way to your respective homes. We hope you create good memories of Chuseok this year! We wish you good health and happiness! This has been Beast, thank you!”


“Chuseok is almost here! However, anyone who is watching this right now will be enjoying Chuseok. So Happy Chuseok! Wow, can’t believe it’s already here. It’s the biggest holiday that we celebrate. Please stay safe and enjoy the holiday! We hope you create amazing memories this Chuseok!”


“This will be the first time LC.9 and Love Beat (official fan club) will be enjoying Chuseok together! It’s an important holiday! Eat lots of Songpyun and get lots of money! LC9 will also be heading home for the holiday. We hope you have an amazing Chuseok!”

Editor’s note: Songpyun is made of glutinous rice dough and can be made with various delicious fillings. They are then steamed with pine needles to prevent them from sticking to each other. 


“Hello, we are your SKARF! Merry Chuseok! Please get lots of rest and restore your energy! We hope your holiday is stress relieving and filled with happy memories with your family. Please drive safe and enjoy eating Songpyun!”

LED Apple

“Hello, this is LED Apple! It the greatest holiday of the year, Chuseok! We hope you spend a memorable time with your family. To those traveling far, please be safe. We’ll be featured in an SBS Chuseok special, so be sure to tune in!”

Hello Venus

“To our beloved viewers, hello! We’re Hello Venus! Happy Chuseok! Even though we can’t be in Korea to celebrate Chuseok, we hope your Chuseok is a merry one! We really, really love you! Be sure to eat lots of round and pretty Songpyun! We dressed up in these beautiful traditional Korean dresses so that we could properly give you our Chuseok greetings. We hope you enjoy a grand meal with your whole family and enjoy the conversations…maybe think about Hello Venus just a little! Or maybe a lot! By the time you watch this, we’ll be in the U.S. so please continue to cheer us on in Korea. Please don’t suffer from indigestion, sickness or loneliness. Stay Healthy! Don’t forget to listen to Hello Venus if you’re stuck in the traffic for the holidays. Please accept our bows!”


“Hello, we are VIXX! It’s Chuseok! We’re glad we can greet you for the holidays! We miss you! We hope you enjoy Songpyun and spend a happy time with family. A happy Chuseok! A fun Chuseok! An amazing Chuseok! We hope you enjoy your Chuseok!”


“Hello this is Jewelery! We hope you have a Happy Chuseok with all of your family! Please continue to give Jewelry your love!”

Nine Muses

“Hello we are Nine Muses! We hope you enjoy your Chuseok! Is there any wish you want granted? Please help our album become a hit! We’ll be coming out with a new album soon, so keep giving us your interest and love!”


“Hello, this is ZE:A! It’s finally Chuseok! What do you like about Chuseok? Songpyun? Japchae? Making wishes on the full moon? We hope you spend a fun Chuseok with your family with all of your favorite things about Chuseok!”

Crayon Pop

“Hello, this is Crayon Pop! It’s finally Chuseok and we’re wearing Hanboks! Do we look pretty? We hope all your wishes come true on the full moon. We hope you enjoy your Chuseok with your family! Watch out for us on TV!”

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