Yoon Hoo Reveals His Pretty Female Friend to the Public

The biggest name in child stars of the moment, Yoon Hoo, has revealed his girlfriend to the public!

On September 15, Yoon Hoo first mentions his friend on “Daddy! Where Are We Going?” The show was preparing for a “Friend Special” where each of the children can bring along one of their closest friends to the trip with their fathers.

After receiving the mission from the staff to bring one of his friends, Yoon Hoo picked his friend Ji Won without much hesitation. He proceeded to call her on the phone and ask if she wanted to go with him, to which she gladly said yes. Afterwards, Ji Won came to the restaurant that Yoon Hoo and his father were in so she could get better acquainted with Yoon Hoo’s dad, Yoon Min Soo.

When she arrived, eyes were drawn to her doll-like appearance and her pretty and cute face. The episode ended shortly afterwards but the previews continued to show Ji Won’s presence in the show.

Additionally, a photo of Yoon Hoo and Ji Won sitting together has been circulating the Web. Netizens have been commenting on Ji Won’s pretty face and viewers are excited to see next week’s episode of “Daddy! Where Are We Going?”

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