Actor Lee Tae Sung to Enlist This October And Postpone Wedding Plans

It is now official that actor Lee Tae Sung will be enlisting in the army next month.

His agency reported on September 19 to OSEN that “Lee Tae Sung received enlistment orders for the upcoming month of October.”

They also said, “We’re not sure when his exact enlistment date will be, but we do know that nothing concrete has been decided upon for his wedding.”

The enlistment notification came after Lee Tae Sung wrapped up his recent drama, “I Summon You, Gold!” It was also reported that the actor has been carefully planning for his enlistment and wedding for the past several months.

Previously, the actor stated at a press conference back in April for “I Summon You, Gold!” that he planned to be wed before enlisting and after completing filming for the drama. It may then be the case that the actor and his wife will hold the wedding before he enlists, once he finds out the critical date. 

Edit: Lee Tae Sung already registered for his marriage license with his current wife, whom he has a child with.