Actress Moon Geun Young Suffers Minor Eye Injury While Filming “Goddess of Fire, Jung-Yi”

Actress Moon Geun Young recently suffered an eye injury while filming drama, “Goddess of Fire, Jung-Yi.” Fortunately the injury was minor, for the actress has already received full treatment and returned to filming.

On September 20, her agency Namoo Actors gave on update on her health status. The representatives stated, “On September 18, Moon Geun Young suffered an eye injury and received treatment from the hospital. Thankfully, it was nothing too serious and she has already received full treatment for the injury.” They added, “The accident on set was completely spontaneous and unexpected. When the equipment fell on Moon Geun Young, it fell dangerously close to the area around Moon Geun Young’s eyes. Just as we have informed the public before, this was not a serious injury. Moon Geun Young handled it very professionally and chose to continue filming. Thank you to everyone who worried about Moon Geun Young’s condition.”