IU Writes Thank You Letter to Fans in Celebration of 5 Year Debut Anniversary

Singer IU recently updated fans on her latest activities and expressed her gratitude for their support for five years since her debut. 

On September 18, IU addressed a letter to fans in her fan cafe. It read, “It has been exactly five years since I first debuted. Time sure flies by. It’s already been one year. Thank you for sticking with me for so long without changing. I feel incredibly reassured. We finished filming the music video yesterday and are up to speed with our progress. For the first time in a while, I was able to get a sweet night’s rest, as sweet as honey. In fact, the honey was so sticky – I found myself stuck to my bed and I thought I would never get up.”

She went on to write, “Today I ate the snacks my company gave me yesterday as part of a Chuseok gift while opening all the letters and gifts you sent me, often finding myself overwhelmed with emotions. Ah that’s right, I have to eat songpyun (rice cakes) too. I guess this entire day is just as sweet as honey.”

On her anniversary, she said, “It’s finally been five years! It sure took it’s time! I wonder what I stories I will be writing in the ‘From IU’ section next September 18! My sixth year anniversary will be here in a blink of an eye. I think I should start creating as many memories as I can now and have fun. Every anniversary I celebrate for my debut feels like a second birthday every year. By the time my debut anniversary rolls around, my resolve in pursuing the goals I set for myself on my birthday has already weakened – so it’s great that I get a chance to reflect and get it together again. I feel tremendously grateful.”