Singer Lim Chang Jung to Make Comeback With Single Album

Singer and actor Lim Chang Jung will be making a music comeback with the release of his single album, “A Man Like Me.”

Lim Chang Jung last promoted as a musician in 2010 with his remake and best hits album, “Remind.” A representative of his agency said, “The title track ‘A Man Like Me’ was written by Lim Chang Jung, and the emotional piano ballad fits the singer for an impressive piece. The music video was directed by famous CF and music video director Jang Pil.”

Lim Chang Jung joined NH Media again in August of this year, joining U-KISS, Kim Jong Seo, The Ray, Big Star, and Bang Eun Hee. He debuted under the agency and stayed with them until 2003 with his tenth album “Bye.” Ten years later, he signed back to NH Media to continue his music career.

“A Man Like Me” will be released on September 26 and he will have his comeback stage on “M!Countdown” on the same day.