2AM’s Jo Kwon Shows Off His Proud Catch

2AM member Jo Kwon posted two pictures of himself enjoying fishing via his official Twitter recently, which is getting fans’ attention on the internet.

On September 20, Jo Kwon shared a photo on his Twitter and wrote, “I think I’m gifted at fishing.” In the picture, Jo Kwon holds a fishing rod and a 20 cm-ish sized fish hooked on it. 

jo kwon fishing no.1

Soon he posted again with another picture and wrote, “A big catch! Sea bream!” He puts a smile on his face while wearing a straw hat and work gloves. The big fish he proudly caught looks like the length of a man’s arm.

jo kwon fishing no.2

Netizens made comments such as, “Jo Kwon must have gone fishing for his Chuseok holiday,” “He hooked a big fish as soon as he tweeted like ‘I have a flair for fishing, awesome,” and “He has many talents. Now is there anything that this man can’t do?”