VIXX Turns into Wonder Girls: “Shock and Terror”

On September 18, agency Jellyfish Entertainment revealed a funny picture of VIXX as the Wonder Girls for SBS‘s Chuseok special show “Star Face Off.”

vixx as wonder girls 2

In the picture, they transform as the handsome VIXX members we know transformed into the Wonder Girls. The pictures reveal what kind of women they would make with their pale white skin, flashy makeup and various kinds of hairstyle. Fans were shocked to see that their appearance was totally different than usual.

On September 20, VIXX dressed up as Wonder Girls and performed “So Hot” at the stage of “Star Face Off.” The other idol groups which also performed on this episode were EXO, ZE:A, B2ST and more. All of them impersonated other artists and battled against each other. 

You can check out VIXX’s cut below by clicking the play button!

vixx as women..