Movie “Physiognomy” Scores over 5.5 Million Viewers!

A Korean movie “Physiognomy” has proved successful with reaching over 5.5 million viewers.

On September 21, according to Korean Film Council statistics, “Physiognomy” climbed to the top spot for viewing figures with a reach of 899,024 viewers on September 20.

Within that figure, the movie attracted 5,552,198 viewers in just 10 days after its release on September 11. Also, a little more than 2.3 million viewers came to watch the movie during the Chuseok holidays.

It would not be impossible to predict that the movie would be able to reach 6 million viewers by September 21 and 7 million viewers by this weekend.

Six years after the release of “The Show Must Go On,” director Han Jaerim has brought audiences, “Physiognomy.” The entire movie is based on the Joseon dynasty. The story is overall about a skillful face reader’s attempt to change the fate of the country, starring Song Kangho, Lee Jungjae, Baek Yoonsik, Kim Hyesoo and more.

Other movies such as “The Spy” and “The Conjuring” are also enjoying great popularity, attracting thousands of moviegoers and ranked just behind “Physiognomy” as of the same day.

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