Actress Clara Apologizes on “SNL Korea” for Lying About Not Having Plastic Surgery

Actress Clara made a surprising apology and confession on the latest episode of “SNL Korea” regarding the accusations that the actress had lied about not getting plastic surgery. The evidence came from an old photo of Clara netizens dug up, showing that Clara had gone under the knife. 

On September 21, tvN aired a special Chuseok episode for “SNL Korea.” 

On the episode, Seo Yuri started off the discussion saying, “Even among women, I don’t try to dig for information about them. I was once a sexy icon in my time too.” Clara, who was standing beside her, voiced her agreement and said, “[Yuri], now that person is me.” 

At this, Jung Myung Ohk told her, “No matter if you’re sexy or not, don’t lie” thus bringing out in the open Clara’s latest controversy over her previous claim that she had not gone under the knife. Clara responded by saying, “I am so sorry. I am really sorry.” Shin Dong Yup then defended Clara by saying, “C’mon, she was only trying to be entertaining and this happened to come up.” He also told Clara, “Promise you won’t tell anymore lies.” She agreed and apologized to the viewers again.