All Filming Halted, Moon Geun Young’s Injury Shows Great Swelling And Bruising

Although Moon Geun Young‘s agency had reported that the actress was fine and had returned to work a couple days ago, it appears that the impact of the accident caused serious swelling and bruising. As a result, all filming for “Goddess of Fire, Jung-Yi” has been temporarily placed on pause for the time being. 

The actress sustained the injury on September 18, when some set equipment fell on her face. All filming was stopped and the actress was immediately rushed to the emergency room for fear of any damage to her eyesight. Moon Geun Young returned to the set after resting for only one day, but the injured area around her eye began to show great swelling and bruising to the point that all production and filming had to be stopped.

The broadcasting station is planning to air a special in the original time slot for the drama, since a new episode of “Goddess of Fire, Jung-Yi” will not be available on September 23. 

Netizens voiced their concern saying, “I’m just glad nothing happened to Moon Geun Young’s eyesight” and “I hope the injury is not serious.”