First Stills of Lee Dong Gun on the Set of Upcoming Drama “Future Choice” Released

On September 23, the first stills of Lee Dong Gun on the set of the upcoming KBS mini-series “Future Choice” (also known as “Mi Rae’s Choice”) were released.  KBS mini-series “Future Choice” follows the story of Na Mi Rae who is a bright, lovely call-center worker that one days meets her future self and decides to follow the advice of her future self to build a new life. 

Lee Dong Gun plays the role of announcer Kim Shin who is abrasive but principled.  When under stress or angered, the announcer resorts to cursing up a storm.  In the released stills, announcer Kim Shin had gone out to gather material for a morning show piece and ended up being doused with a bucket of water.  This particular shoot lasted over three hours, but staffers were impressed by how Lee Dong Gun threw himself into the role and gamely endured being repeatedly soaked with water to capture the right shots for the drama.     

Lee Dong Gun said, “With a great director and writer, awesome seniors and fellow actors, I am having such an interesting and fun time filming.  The script is so fun that, before I started filming, I had fallen completely into this world.  Now that filming has started, I can feel the reality of this world, and it is really interesting.  I am working hard so that viewers can also directly see this joy.  Please look forward to our first episode.”     

KBS drama “Future Choice” will premiere on Monday, October 14, 2013, and will air on Mondays and Tuesdays.