New Albums And Singles Preview – 2013 September Week 3



01. Memory

02. Falling Star

03. Try Again

04. Always With You

05. Memory (Inst.)


FT Island releases their special sixth anniversary mini-album “Thanks To” for all their fans. The title track “Memory” is written and composed by FT Island member Lee Hong Ki. The rest of the album is also written and composed by the FT Island members, making this the first album to be done that way.

Lee Hong Ki wrote not only “Memory” but also “Always With You,” while Lee Jae Jin wrote “Falling Star” and leader Choi Jong Hoon wrote “Try Again.”

Crayon Pop – THE STREETS GO DISCO (September 26)


01. Bar Bar Bar 2.0

02. Bar Bar Bar (Original Version)

03. Dancing Queen 2.0

04. Dancing Queen (Original Version)

05. Saturday Night (Dubstep Version)

06. Saturday Night (Original Version)

07. Bing Bing (Poppin Version)

08. Bing Bing (Original Version)


Crayon Pop has come back with a new mini-album that is filled with new versions of their hit songs! While “Bar Bar Bar” is still receiving tons of love from the public, a new 2.0 version is included in this album with hopes to expand overseas.

“Dancing Queen” is a combination of a retro and modern sound that is fun to dance to. The track clearly represents the Crayon Pop members’ unique and strong voices.

“Saturday Night” is a fun song that contains Crayon Pop’s energy and charm. With it’s addictive beat and retro melody, this song is sure to get you up and dancing!

“Bing Bing” is a song about a young love that is sure to make you want a significant other! It is a story of a girl who is too shy to confess her feelings to the boy that she likes.

F-ve Dolls – First Love (released)


01. Can You Love Me?

02. Deceive        

03. LOV


05. Soulmate No. 1


F-ve Dolls transforms into innocent first loves for their new mini-album. After pre-releasing “Soulmate No.1,” which is a powerful and fun disco track, F-ve Dolls comes back with “Can You Love Me,” which is an medium-tempo pop ballad about a one-sided love.

The track also features T-ara N4’s Dani who showcases her mature rap skills. Not only does “Can You Love Me” show a new side of F-ve Dolls, the track also displays the members’ strong vocals. The album also consists of tracks produced by big-name producers such as Double Sidekick, Shinsadong Tiger, and Park Duk Sang.

Lim Chang Jung – A Guy Like Me (September 25)


01. A Guy Like Me

02. Will You Be Alright

03. Open The Door (Feat. Kim Chang Ryul)

04. A Guy Like Me (Inst.)


After a long hiatus from the music scene, the singer/actor/entertainer Lim Chang Jung has returned with new music for his fans. “A Guy Like Me” marks his return as a singer for the first time in three years. “A Guy Like Me” is composed by Baek Min Hyuk, who also worked on past hits such as The One’s “Winter Love” for the “That Winter the Wind Blows” OST and Baek Ji Youg’s “Spring Rain” for the “Gu Family Book” OST. The lyrics are written by Lim Chang Jung himself.

This track is about a man who cannot forget his past love. It is a minor chord ballad with soft piano sounds that perfectly complement Lim Chang Jung’s unique voice. The music video is directed by the famous Jang Pil Gam, who draws out a man in his everyday setting, listening to a sad song.

“Will You Be Alright” is also a minor chord ballad about a sad break-up. This track is also co-produced by Lim Chang Jung and Baek Min Hyuk.

“Open The Door” is the only dance track and is produced by Shinsadong Tiger. The electronic track and Lim Chang Jung’s vocals combine into a new and trendy sound.

Cho PD – In Stardom V 3.0 (released)


01. Intro: Resume

02. Nothing Changed (Feat. Jingo of Super Kid, Deepflow)

03. It Was A Very Good Year (Feat. DEEZ)

04. Made in Itaewon (Feat. Jinbo)

05. This Isn’t Right

06. Rotton XXX 3


One of the pioneers of bringing hip-hop to the Korean mainstream, Cho PD releases a new mini-album with six new tracks. After his debut in 1999, this is his third album. It is his first album after his mega hit “My Friend,” which was part of his second album in 2004. This new album is the work of many big name producers in the Korean hip-hop industry such as Jinbo, Simo, DEEZ, XEPY, and 3KINGS.

Ailee (single) – Higher (released)


01. Higher (Feat. Yiruma)

Korea’s hottest female diva of the moment, Ailee, has met with the emotion-filled pianist Yiruma!

With a strong beat, string and electric guitar sounds, “Higher” is a track that showcases Ailee’s beautiful voice as well as Yiruma’s sensual piano playing.

“Higher” is a song that gives hope, courage, and passion to those who don’t rest for their dreams.

Thanks to jnkm for translations.

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