MBLAQ’s Mir Went on a Diet and Lost Over 15 Pounds Because of ZE:A’s Park Hyung Shik

Does MBLAQ’s Mir go on diets to relieve stress?

On September 20, Mir accepted the invitation and appeared on MBC’s variety program “Real Men” for the Chuseok special as he was an original member of the show. His member G.O previously shared on a different program that Mir was jealous of the affection ZE:A’s Park Hyung Shik received from the public right after being replaced.

Mir shared on the program, “I had a hard time while watching [Park Hyung Shik on the program]. I lost 2kg (4.4 pounds) after seeing his first episode on the show.”

He continued, “I then lost 5kg (11 pounds) after I saw him coming out on an advertisement.”

This particular episode easily topped the ratings chart for Chuseok special programs by garnering 15.0% viewership nationwide and is generally receiving much love from the public. It’s not hard to guess why Mir would be jealous of Park Hyung Shik’s newfound popularity.

mir jealous inside