Ha Ji Won, Song Hye Kyo, and Song Ji Hyo Are Among the Top Cosmetics Models in Their 30s

Being a model for a cosmetics company is something that many actresses want to achieve. Considering the strong competition between actresses in their 30s, it is a good chance for the actresses to establish a presence in the show business. Only a handful of actresses who have everything – clear skin, bright skin tone, distinct facial features- can make decent money in the field. Currently, the tasks of cosmetic models include not only just posing on ads, but also participating in various events, fan meetings, and making a presentation. They are also responsible for each brand’s image. Then, who is the best cosmetics model with flawless skin which everyone envies?

Previously, miss A‘s Suzy was selected as the best cosmetics model in her 10-20s and became a hot topic of interest. This time, the Korean public was surveyed to see which actress in her 30s made the best cosmetics model. A total of 12,318 netizens joined and voted on the survey at Tllion (www.tillionpanel.com), a market research website in Korea, and the winners were announced recently. 

No.1 Ha Ji Won

olay hajiwon 4

Approval Rating: 13% (1,596 points)

Age: 35

Brand: Olay

Tips for skin care: Letting my skin breath. During shooting, I take off my makeup and give my skin a rest whenever possible. Eating a lot of fruit would definitely help your skin look good.

Ha Ji Won is a cosmetic model who is mostly loved by women more than men. She definitely brought the brand back to life and deserves the number one position as the “best cosmetic model.”

No.2 Im Soo Jung

im soo jung sk2 2

Approval rating: 12.5% (1,536 points)

Age: 34

Brand: SK-Ⅱ

Tips for skin care: I always use a lot amount of facial essence before going to sleep, and I notice the change the next morning. Also I drink plenty of water to take care of my skin.

One of her secrets to her young-looking face is her skin. She has been the official SK-Ⅱ model for six consecutive years and now the single word “SK-Ⅱ” soon reminds us of Im Soo Jung herself. She also puts honey on her face to make her skin appear brighter, feel softer and touchable.

No.3 Song Hye Kyo

song hyekyo

Approval rating: 12.5% (1,535 points)

Age: 34

Brand: Laneige

Tips for skin care: My only skin care is putting a facial mask on my face once a day. I also try to drink plenty of water.

She is the real skin goddess. Time has passed but her “baby smooth skin” has never changed. Her poreless skin was one of top searched in many Korean portal sites at the time when “That Winter, the Wind Blows” was aired. The lipstick that she was wearing in the drama received a great amount of attention from viewers and was sold out everywhere, which sponsors were happy about. Although her skin looks perfect in other people’s eyes, she commented, “Now I am in my 30s, and I need better skincare indeed.”

No.4 Lee Na Young

lee nayoung lancome

Approval rating: 10% (1,228 points)

Age: 34

Brand: Lancome

Tips for skin care: I put sunscreen on as much as possible and drink plenty of water. I avoid drinking juice and soft drinks. I also eat seasonal fruits and vegetables.

She has been the model for many cosmetics brands. After her debut, she was the official model for LANEIGE for years and then transferred to IOPE. Last month, she was selected as the new face of Lancome and now stands alongside Lancome model Julia Roberts. Lancome did a survey of 300 women between 25-44 yrs of age for an actress who has the most beautiful and bright skin. As the result, Lee Na Noung was selected.

No. 5 Kim Tae Hee

kim taehee ohui

Approval rating: 8.3% (1,021 points)

Age: 33

Brand: O Hui

Tips for skin care: I don’t touch my face and just splash water over my face to clean it because I once heard that this prevents wrinkles.

Three years ago, the well-known makeup artist Bobbi Brown said Kim Tae Hee looks like she’s 16. That fifteen years her junior. Her smooth white skin makes her even more perfect. She is not just pure and beautiful on the outside, but she has also brains. All parties concerned say she is one of top cosmetic model.

No.6 Han Ga In

han gain isa knox

Approval rating: 7.9% (978 points)

Age: 31

Brand: Isa Knox

Tips for skin care: I drink a hot cup of milk before going to bed for a good night sleep. I put sunscreen on every three or four hours for anti-aging.

Matching her nickname “Korea’s Olivia Hussey,” her skin is very clear and perfect. Thanks to her luminous skin, her pure beauty shines so much brighter. Although she once mentioned that her skin was facing danger because she couldn’t wash it due to her busy shooting schedule of “The Moon Embracing the Sun,” viewers still found her skin flawless.

No.7 Song Ji Hyo

benefit song jihyo

Approval rating: 6% (745 points)

Age: 32

Brand: Benefit

Tips for skin care: I go to the dermatology for skin treatment, but I think sleep is the best cure for good skin. I massage my face weekly with oil and always carry a face mist in my bag to keep my skin well hydrated.

Even at the shooting of “Running Man” where she runs around and sweats, she keeps her bright skin. It’s obvious that she stands out even among many female guests and shows of her dignity as an actress.  Song Ji Hyo was selected by Benefit because of her healthy and bright image. 

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