A-Pink’s Visual Son Naeun Poses for Upcoming “SURE” Photo Shoot

A-Pink member Son Na Eun posed for a photo shoot which will be featured in the October issue of style magazine “SURE.” The visual of A-Pink showed exactly why she is the visual with her perfectly shaped face, doe eyes, and long, curled hair. The photo shoot made the most of Son Na Eun’s sweet, youthful looks and styled her in beige and cream knits.

In other news, Son Na Eun is paired with SHINee member Taemin in a pretend marriage for the MBC reality/variety program “We Got Married.” Of Taemin, Son Na Eun said: “The other 2 guys are charming as well but my husband is the best… I’m still in a process of getting to know Taemin and I hope to be with him for a very long time. I contact him once in a while as well.”