First Stills of Jung Yong Hwa on Set of Upcoming Drama “Future Choice” Released

On September 18, the first stills of Jung Yong Hwa on the set of the upcoming KBS mini-series “Future Choice” (also known as “Mi Rae’s Choice”) were released.  KBS mini-series “Future Choice” follows the story of Na Mi Rae who is a bright, lovely call-center worker that one days meets her future self and decides to follow the advice of her future self to build a new life. 

Jung Yong Hwa plays the role of Park Se Ju who is a smoothly charismatic VJ but is actually an undercover boss as the grandson of a broadcasting station representative.  After graduating from an American film school, Park Se Ju returned to South Korea to start his career.  

Jung Yong Hwa said: “Even though I was really nervous before my first shoot, the atmosphere of the set is so enjoyable that, receiving the positive energy, I was able to easily focus on my character.  I think fans will be able to see me expand my acting to my heart’s content.  . . .  To the utmost of my ability, I will give my best effort.”       

KBS drama “Future Choice” will premiere on Monday, October 14, 2013, and will air on Mondays and Tuesdays.