New Stills of T.O.P for Upcoming Film “The Alumni” Raise Anticipation

Choi Seung Hyun, otherwise known as Big Bang‘s T.O.P has transformed into a handsome espionage.

On September 23, new stills of T.O.P for the upcoming film “The Alumni,” have been released. The stills contain images of Ri Myung Hoon, who has snuck into South Korea from North Korea to protect his one and only little sister.

One of the stills show T.O.P lost in deep thought, another shows his deep and charismatic eyes as he is on the phone and another shows a warm and brotherly affection as he sits next to Kim Yoo Jung, who plays his yougner sister.

“The Alumni” is about a young man who has no choice but to accept a dangerous mission to become an espionage in order to protect his only family member, his younger sister.

Also, Ri Myung Hoon’s only friend Lee Hae In is played by actress Han Ye Ri. “The Alumni” is set to hit theaters in November.

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