f(x)'s Sulli Under Fire Once Again for Supposed Poor Stage Manners

f(x)‘s Sulli has once again come under fire for her supposed poor stage manners. This time, the criticism stems from Sulli not doing her dance moves properly for a performance during a certain event. While many netizens are saying negative things about Sulli, many others are coming to her defense, stating reasons such as Sulli’s recent weight loss or being shy.

The criticisms started after a certain YouTube clip was uploaded this past weekend. The clip shows f(x)’s performance during the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies “Korea Night” event on September 11. f(x) was performing their recent single, “Rum Pum Pum Pum.”

During the song, there is a part where the members lay down on their stomachs and bang their hands on the floor. However, Sulli was noticed not doing this dance move. Other members such as Luna and Amber were doing this move but at the same time, Sulli was on the other side, crouching down while holding down her skirt.

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This isn’t the first time that Sulli’s stage manners became an issue. In the past, Sulli was criticized for not seeming happy even after f(x) won first place on a music program, not following the dance moves properly and even apparently cursing at another group’s member.

Many netizens wrote negative comments on the YouTube video’s comment section such as, “She has no strength and no will. Rather than giving joy and energy, she is taking it away from those who are watching,” and “I don’t think the idol life is suited for Sulli. She is always involved in a controversy about her attitude, which means she is not being professional.”

However, others are coming to her defense by saying that she may have been exhausted from her recent and sudden weight loss or that her skirt was so short, that it would have been hard for her to execute the dance moves.

One netizen commented, “Just because you’re an idol, doesn’t mean you need to always be smiling and energetic,” and “She might have been physically exhausted or hesitant out of shyness. The netizens who are tearing her apart like hyenas are the bigger problem.”

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