Secret’s Song Ji Eun Reveals First Teaser Photo for Solo Comeback

Secret‘s Song Ji Eun will be making a comeback as a solo artist with her first single album “Torturous Hope” (unofficial title) and released her first teaser photo.

The banner like image shows Song Ji Eun covering the bottom part of her face with her white sweater, revealing her striking eyes. Her somber expression and the dark background come together to match the title. 

“Torturous Hope” will be the title track of the single album. There will be two other songs in the album, including one featuring her fellow label mate B.A.P‘s Zelo

Song Ji Eun rose to popularity as a solo singer with the digital single “Going Crazy” featuring rap from Bang Yong Gook, before he debuted in B.A.P. The song rose to the top of the music charts and established her a reputation as a strong vocalist.

“Torturous Hope” and the music video will be released on September 30.