Kara Teaches the Choreography to “Damaged Lady”

The girls of Kara wants you to learn the choreography for their latest song, “Damaged Lady.” The group participated in Loen Entertainment‘s “Let’s Dance” series with “Damaged Lady.” The video is available with English and Japanese subtitles.

Kara is known not only for their pretty looks and catchy songs, but also for their addictive choreography points. The group that introduced to the world the “makeup dance,” “honey dance,” “ski jump dance,” and the “butt dance” will now teach you the three more dance points. In the video Nicole explains the dance points as the other members of the group show how to do it. Through the video you can learn the “ring off dance,” “pelvis dance,” and “hip up” dance. Combining these three points you will be able own the choreography for “Damaged Lady.”