Celebrities Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young Reveal Wedding Invitation Card

Another celebrity wedding is just around the corner!

On September 24, Star News managed to get their hands on Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young’s simple and lovely wedding invitation.

Underneath the future bride and groom’s names, the message reads: “One day where our romantic encounter is coming.. Ji Sung.. to Bo Young.. promised that he’ll be her strong pillar like a firm tree. Just like the young prince who takes great care of his star, I will take great care of my star. Everyone… I invite you to Bo Young & Ji Sung’s star. Please congratulate us so that we can make a beautiful star.”

The sides of the card continues to show the two lovebird feelings for each other with “Remember, You are the Apple of My Eye.”

It was previously mentioned that Goo Hye Sun will be singing her song “It’s You” at the wedding ceremony. She is close to Lee Bo Young and the future bride specifically requested for the song.

The couple first met through the 2004 SBS drama “Save the Last Dance.” At that time, Ji Sung was the lead with actress Eugene, and Lee Bo Young was the unlucky second fiddle. In real life, Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young were captured by paparazzi on a date in 2007, bringing their relationship into the spotlight. Now six years later, the two will marry at the Walker Hill Hotel in Seoul on September 27.