Busker Busker Releases Music Video for “Love, at First”

Busker Busker has made their comeback and released the music video for “Love, at First” through their agency’s YouTube channel.

“Love, at First” is the main track from their second album, “Busker Busker Volume 2.” The song is a mid-tempo acoustic ballad with the folk sound that the group is well known for. If “Cherry Blossom Ending” was the perfect Spring song, then “Love, at First” will be the song for the Fall season. 

The music video stars a new actress who is gaining attention for her resemblance to Japanese actress Aoi Yu. The Korean actress’ name is Son Soo Hyun, and she made her start as a shopping mall model. She stars alongside model Yoon Jin Ok in the story about the end of a first love. The music video shows how a young man and woman cope with heartache from their recent break up.