After School’s Ex-Member Kahi Announces October Comeback

Are you ready for Kahi?

On September 25, Pledis Entertainment stated, “Kahi will make a comeback on October 10 with her second mini album ‘Who Are You?’ If her first solo mini album was her first step into her solo career, this album will aim to show her various charms as an artist.”

Her agency continued, “Just like the two year wait since her previous mini album, this album went through several revisions to create a high quality production. Just like how Kahi poured out her energy on the album and personally meet up with the composers and the staff, you can expect an upgraded performance and album. Please look forward to it.”

Kahi headed to Barcelona on September 25 to shoot for her music video. She plans to make a grand comeback and heavily promote the album after unveiling her album teasers.