Updates on Son Ho Young After Suicide Attempt a Few Months Ago

Updates on Son Ho Young, after he attempted suicide a few months ago, have been made to the public.

On September 24, OBS’ “Unique Entertainment News” reported on Son Ho Young’s current whereabouts, drawing the attention from the public.

Previously, on May 21, Son Ho Young discovered his girlfriend dead in his car and shortly afterwards, the singer tried to commit suicide himself in his car. However, after the car was set on fire, Son Ho Young got out of his car and a civilian discovered him, reporting him to the police. Afterwards, Son Ho Young was admitted to the hospital and received treatment before being discharged.

Currently, Son Ho Young is staying at his home with his family. Son Ho Young’s agency commented, “He is living an ordinary, everyday life,” and “There have been no discussions on his return to the industry.”

Netizens made comments such as, “It’s a relief that he is living an ordinary life,” “I hope he gets more rest and security,” “Hopefully, he will return soon,” and many more.