[Breaking] T-Ara’s So Yeon Confirmed Dating First Generation Idol Member!

Love is in the air this week! First, Kim Woo Bin is dating fashion model Yoo Ji Ahn and now we have another idol-idol couple with T-Ara’s So Yeon (26 years old) and first generation idol group Click B’s Oh Jong Hyuk (30 years old).

On September 25, Oh Jong Hyuk’s agency DSP Media told Sports Seoul Dot Com, “So Yeon and Oh Jong Hyuk have been dating since December 28, 2010. Oh Jong Hyuk, who is nice and has good manners, fell for So Yeon’s cute charms. This is their third year of dating.”

So Yeon’s agency Core Contents Media confirmed their dating status. “Both Oh Jong Hyuk and So Yeon’s families know of their relationship. Since they started the relationship having marriage in mind, please kindly watch over their relationship.”

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One of Oh Jong Hyuk’s latest appearance in a magazine