[Updated] f(x) Sulli Seen on a Morning Date with Dynamic Duo's Choiza - Their Agencies Release Official Statements

f(x) member Sulli was photographed with Dynamic Duo‘s Choiza on a morning date.

According to TV Report, Sulli and Choiza were seen together in Seoul around 10AM on September 25. According to the report, the two were holding hands and having a conversation as they walked around Seoul Forest and its nearby residential areas. The two were dressed in casual clothing. When they felt like someone was watching them, they would release their hands and maintain a certain distance from each other. However, the two had happy expressions as they walked. The two then grabbed a taxi together.

Sulli has stated that her ideal type is a dependable and fatherly man. As Choiza matches her ideal type, it seems that their age difference does not matter considering the two have a fourteen year age gap.

Their respective agencies have yet to make an official response. 

You can see more pictures of the two on their date here


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Both of their respective agencies have denied that the two are dating.

Sulli’s SM Entertainment said “He is only her close oppa-like friend and sunbae. Because they are close they occasionally meet up. 

Choiza’s Amoeba Culture said, “It is Sulli and Choiza in the pictures. We have confirmed with Choiza that the two have a close brother and younger sister relationship and frequently keep in touch, but they are nothing more than that.” The representative also added, “The two were holding hands as friends.” 



More Photos Show Sulli and Choiza Drinking Together the Night Before Their “Morning Date” 

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