[Update- Photos] Infinite’s L Rumored to be in a Relationship

Looks like the dating wheel isn’t going to stop just yet! Infinite’s visual L is the latest celebrity to be linked to a dating relationship.

On September 26, an online community bulletin posted a picture of L along with Kim Do Yeon, a female who made an appearance on tvN’s “Martian Virus,” and compared their same watch.

She previously left a message addressing to what seems like her boyfriend. “ㄴ. Are you watching? You’re no longer a little kid! Even though I won’t be able to see you, I’ll be there for you. Since I won’t change, and since you’re innocent and pure, whenever you go to places I don’t like- like a party or a club, you explain to me. Even though I get jealous when you hang out with other friends, in the very end, we’ll stay together. Just like yesterday, lets not fight. Love you.”

Netizens are quick to assume that the “ㄴ,” which is a Korean letter, but looks like “L” in English, is in fact Infinite’s L. This is quickly circulating around the internet and Kim Do Yeon quickly responded, “This message was just to a friend.”

However, netizens found pictures where both L and Kim Do Yeon wore the same clothes, bracelet, and shoes, which they say are strong evidence to the couple’s dating relationship.

Kim Do Yeon is currently an internet shopping mall CEO.


Netizens have pointed out that if one reads the first column of the Twitter post (image below), it reads out “ㄴ. 보고마명수야.” It translates to, “L. Want to see you, Myung Soo yah.” Coincidentally, L’s real name is Myung Soo.

l inside

Update: Matching items

l 1 l 2 l 2a

l 3 l 3a

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