Rookie Boy Group Demion Release Debut MV “Ask Her Out” Starring Woo Joo of Wa$$up

Rookie boy group Demion released the music video of their debut single “Ask Her Out” Starring Woo Joo of Wa$$up.

Demion is produced by Lions Bridge, which is also in charge of actors Jun No Min and Kwak Ji Min, among others. Demion was originally supposed to debut with four members, but has increased its number to five. The members are Yoon, Sun, Nak Hun, Hae Geun, and Sang Bum. Demion is not a totally unfamiliar name in K-entertainment; the boys have already performed on small and large stages around 40 times, raising their name recognition even before their official debut. 

“Ask Her Out” is an upbeat pop song about gathering the courage to ask a girl out. The music video stars Woo Joo of rookie female group Wa$$up. Along with clips of the choreography, the music video shows the members of Demion going on a trip, even going hang gliding.