“Reply 1994” Reveals Character Posters of Go Ara, Jung Woo, Kim Sung Gyoon, Son Ho Joon, B1A4’s Baro, and Tiny-G’s Min Do Hee

Upcoming tvN drama “Reply 1994” (also known as “Answer Me 1994“) released a set of character posters featuring its leading actors. 

The leading characters that Go Ara, Jung Woo, Kim Sung Gyoon, Son Ho Joon, B1A4‘s Baro, and Tiny-G‘s Min Do Hee play all have their own poster, complete with a line that describes their personality. 

“Reply 1994″is the second of the “Reply” series, the first being the very popular “Reply 1997.” The original drama was about a group of teenagers and their bond over legendary idol group H.O.T. “Reply 1994″ will follow a similar format but with Seo Taiji and Kids being the influential group of the time. 

The first episode of “Reply 1994” will air on October 18 on tvN. 



Go Ara as Sung Na Jung: “I will~date Lee Sang Min Oppa when I go to college.” (Lee Sang Min was a popular professional basketball player in 1994)


Jung Woo as Sung Na Jung’s older brother: “I’m a beggar? Trash? Stop it guys…Is it obvious? 


Yoo Yeon Suk as baseball player Chil Bong Yi: “I only know baseball but I now have something else I love.” 


Baro: “I will only go to medical school for one semester since it’s my father’s dream.”


Kim Sung Gyoon: “Hyungnim~Let’s talk informally~I’m only twenty years old.” 


Son Ho Joon: “Gosh~Hey~I’m the first person from Suncheon to be called the orange class.” (Orange class refers to the young adults who lived in Gangnam and spent their parents’ money in the 90s) 


Min Do Hee as Jo Yoon Jin: “I swear~ Taiji Oppa smiled at me.”

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