Block B Poses Fearlessly with Female Models for “Arena Homme+”

Boy group Block B showed their manly sides in a fashion magazine pictorial.

Men’s fashion magazine “Arena Homme+” released a pictorial and interview of Block B for their October issue. The members of Block B poses fearlessly with the female models in the urban street themed photo shoot. There are no such things as manner hands in this photo shoot as the members of Block B gets close physically with the models.

In one photo, leader Zico reveals some interesting tattoos with his black faux-fur jacket and leather pants. In another photo he grabs the top of a seductively dressed female model’s jeans. 

In the interview with the magazine Block B said, “We don’t want BlockB to be constrained to hip hop. We want to do not only hip hop but electronic, house, jazz and others.”

You can see more photos and the rest of the interview in the October issue of “Arena Homme+.” 

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