[Recap] Soompi Weekly Roundup – Special Celebrity Couple Edition

All the important Korean Entertainment news from this week in one place: This is your weekly Soompi Recap – Special Celebrity Couple Edition!

It’s never a dull day in the K-Pop world and this week offered plenty for our eyes and ears. There may not have been many music video releases or drama news but the Korean entertainment industry more than made up for it with an onslaught of dating gossip. This week was full of rumors, dating scandals, convicting photographs, netizen accusations, and the occasional on-air confession. 

With all of that, there must also be the official statements of the agencies. Those poor agencies. They’re just trying to manage their artists and make a little money, but then those darn celebrities have to cause a ruckus by doing things like holding hands or wearing the same sweater. Then the agency is put on the spot and demanded of an official statement. 

Sometimes the official statements are simple and straightforward, but usually they are just poorly put together lies that don’t always make things better. Let’s take a look at the scandals of this week and see how the agencies responded.


Scandal 1: Kim Jaejoong is photographed at a club whispering into a woman’s ears. Is this pretty non-celebrity woman his girlfriend?

  • The official statement: “After confirming, the girl in question is actually his older sister. Jaejoong spent the Chuseok holiday with his family.”  (Because that’s what families do. They go to a club together. Nothing strengthens a family’s bond more than over priced drinks, loud techno music, and people grinding up on each other on the dance floor.)
  • What they should have said: “Because of the loud music Jaejoong was actually discreetly letting the woman know that a man had poured something suspicious in her drink and to be careful. It turns out that he was right, and in her gratefulness the woman told him that she would name all her future offspring after him and the other members of JYJ.”

Scandal 2: It all started with Kim Woo Bin announcing that he is dating the fashion model Yoo Ji Ahn. At first, fans were generally supportive until a fan put up a picture of Yoo Ji Ahn wearing a sweater that the fan gave Kim Woo Bin as a present. The fan was naturally upset because it was an expensive limited edition sweater.

  • The official statement: “It is true that a certain fan gifted Kim Woo Bin with a Balmain sweater. But after receiving the gift, Kim Woo Bin bought the same sweater and gave it to his girlfriend. So there are two separate Balmain sweaters involved. Even if she is his girlfriend, Kim Woo Bin would never be able to give a precious gift from a fan to her. That is not the case.” (Because that is what boyfriends do. They receive a gift and then buy their girlfriends a similar one, even if its a sweater that is clearly too big for her.)
  • What they should have said: “Kim Woo Bin accidentally spilled coffee on his girlfriend that day and gave her the sweater off his back to cover her up. Since it was his most favorite sweater ever, she returned it to him the next day after having it dry cleaned because nothing, nothing, is more precious than a gift from a fan.” 

Scandal 3: T-ara‘s So Yeon is dating former idol, Oh Jong Hyuk. For you young ones, Oh Jong Hyuk was part of Click-B, the original idol boy band. He was a pretty boy back then but now he’s super hot. They were photographed sitting together at a coffee shop.

  • The official statement:  ““Both Oh Jong Hyuk and So Yeon’s families know of their relationship. Since they started the relationship having marriage in mind, please kindly watch over their relationship.”
  • What they should have said: “And this has nothing to do with T-ara’s comeback that’s going to happen really soon. Nothing, I swear. Purely coincidence. We’re not going to hide the fact that So Yeon is dating someone really hot. We’re not like the other agencies; we’re a cool agency.”


Scandal 4: Actor Jung Kyung Ho revealed on a radio program that he is currently dating someone.

  • The official statement: “We just heard about his confession last night on a radio program and are currently surprised. He met her a year ago and they are having a good relationship.”
  • What they should have said: “He said what on the radio? He’s dating someone? I mean, yeah, we totally knew that. We totally planned that.”


Scandal 5: f(x)‘s Sulli and Dynamic Duo‘s Choiza took a stroll together in the morning and was caught in photos and a video. You know it is legit when there’s also a video. The two were holding hands and looking very happy. It was surprising but not too scandalous until more photos showed that Sulli was wearing the exact same outfit the night before when the two were drinking beer together

  • The official statement: “We have confirmed that the two have a close brother and younger sister relationship and frequently keep in touch, but they are nothing more than that. The two were holding hands as friends.” 
  • What they should have said: “Sulli is a young woman who has come of age and is capable of making her own decision on what she does with her time and who she spends it with. Ha! Who are we kidding? There is no way the public would accept this relationship so we’re going to deny everything to do what little we can to protect our artists.”


Scandal 6: An ullzzang left a cryptic message that reads “L – I Miss You Myungsoo.” Netizens are quick to find photos of the ullzang wearing the same things as Infinite‘s L. Does this mean that she is dating L?

  • The official statement:  “L and Kim Do Yeon met through a mutual friend and they became close friends. However, they aren’t dating.” met through a mutual friend and they became close friends. However, they aren’t dating.”
  • What they should have said: “Owning the same bracelet and sneakers as an idol does not mean that you are dating them. If this was true, every idol would be dating thousands of their fans. Thanks for the exposure though. We just released a music video and we’re wrapping up our world tour. Infinite, fighting!”

What else happened this week? 

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