[Recap] You Made Me a Believer – We Got Married 09.28.13

This week on “We Got Married,” TaeminMinho and Jonghyun seek out singles’ revenge on Son Na Eun, Keyand Jung Eun Ji, Jung Yoo Mi chases Jung Joon Young around the grocery store, and Yoon Han is introduced to important members of Lee So Yeon‘s family. 

You Made Me a Believer – This is your Soompi WGM Recap! 

(In case you missed it, check out last week’s recap – It’s Not Easy Being a 3rd and 4th Wheel)


So last week Son Na Eun and Jung Eun Ji visited the SHINee house for Chuseok. Taemin and Key were thrilled to continue their double date, while Minho and Jonghyun were left to be the awkward third and fourth wheels. 

The gang decides to play a traditional Korean game called Yunnori, a board game that is somewhat similar to Monopoly. To spice things up, each pairing puts down a punishment on random parts of the board. Punishment isn’t really the right word; they were more like excuses for excessive skinship. There were simple “punishments” like holdings hands but then there were the good punishments, like giving your partner a cheek kiss. A cheek kiss involves no lips and is just touching the cheeks (the ones on your face in case some of you were need the specification) together. All the couples had to do a cheek kiss at one point and they all react in different ways. Taemin and Na Eun fidget nervously when they do it, Eun Ji good-naturedly goes along while Key tries to hide his glee, and Minho and Jonghyun act like it’s nothing because SHINee members are no strangers to fan service.


The game is more of an excuse for Jongho to tease Taemin, and Taemin puts up with it because it just means he can do skinship with Na Eun. He does crack at one point, ripping the game board paper into pieces to end the game. They had decided earlier on that if Taemin and Na Eun had won, the two would have to switch hanbok. Since Taemin abruptly ended the game, they make them switch clothes anyway. It wasn’t a surprise because once the cross dressing option was put on the table, there was no way the WGM producers would take it off. The couple switches clothes without much of a fight. Na Eun must have wanted to get out of the huge dress and Taemin no longer has any feelings towards cross dressing anymore.

The gender switched hanbok look good on them. Could we expect anything else? While they are changing, Jongho turns their eyes onto Key and Eunji. They make fun of how Key danced to A Pink‘s “No No No” when he found out he would be going on a double date. They remixed the song so it became a cheek kiss song and forced Key and Eun Ji to dance to it. It was a petty act of revenge but I can’t imagine it to be very satisfying when Key and Eun Ji didn’t look like they minded too much.


Taemin and Na Eun like it best when they’re alone so they step away from the group to go to Taemin’s room. His room is pretty bare and he has the most girly pink bedsheets. They’re so girly it surprised Na Eun and the name of her group is A Pink. The two sit on the bed to talk with each other but then Jonghyun barges in, announcing that it is his room too. That is true but that doesn’t mean the couple is pleased to have the third wheel in the room with them. After trying to put himself in their conversation, Jonghyun leaves only to come back. “Don’t mind me,” he says as he goes through the window. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Jonghyun on a variety TV show so you’ll just have to excuse him.

When they are finally alone, Taemin and Na Eun give each other rough shoulder massages and talk about skinship because that’s all there is to talk about with these two. Taemin is becoming more forthcoming about all the things he wants to do as a couple, but Na Eun still remains shy. I don’t mind though. It’s good to know that this young couple isn’t moving too fast.


Forgive me. The very first episode this couple came on, I didn’t like them. They rubbed me the wrong way. Now I LOVE them. Jung Joon Young is so witty and has great natural comedic timing. I still think he would make a terrible husband, but that’s what makes this couple so fun.

I’ve warmed up to Jung Yoo Mi too. At first I thought she was too eager, but now I can see that Joon Young needs someone like her to keep the energy up. Yoo Mi had this dream to be in a romantic couple on WGM but she got Joon Young instead so now she’s trying to make the best of it. Sometimes Joon Young is cool, but most of the time he’s a pain in the neck. I’m glad these two are paired together.

Before they move into their new WGM house the couple is given a gift card and told to buy necessities for their house. Since it’s not their money, the couple gladly goes through the super market to buy new things for their home. At first Joon Young is cool and generous, acting like this is coming out of his own wallet, but then he gets bored and runs away not once, but twice. Twice, an exasperated Yoo Mi chased him around the supermarket. It’s during these times when I’m sure Yoo Mi wonders if she adopted a teenage son instead of marrying a husband.


The two move into their WGM house and share with each other what baggage they brought. Joon Young bought seven guitar cases worth of stuff but Yoo Mi keeps it simple with the necessary makeup and facial creams. Joon Young teases her about all the anti-wrinkle cream she bought. Anytime I forget how much older Yoo Mi is, Joon Young reminds us all. I wonder how much longer Yoo Mi can take that with just an exasperated laugh.

Yoo Mi gets her revenge by bringing out the bright neon clothing she wants Joon Young to wear. Joon Young hates neon and the more she waves the neon green jersey around, the more energy seems to seep out of him. 


Joon Young also reveals a very important possession he brought, and he also brought a matching one for his wife! It’s a beer helmet. I didn’t even know Koreans knew about beer helmets. He explains that this is important for gamers because they use their right hand for the mouse and their left hand for the keyboard. Yoo Mi fills it up with coke for him to demonstrate, but there’s a slight problem. Once the drinks are in, it’s hard to keep the drink from coming out of the straw. With his mouth full of coke, he encouraged Yoo Mi to try hers too.

Also, did anyone else notice Joon Young’s naughty hands on Yoo Mi’s knees? The other two couples can barely hold hands and Joon Young is so naturally putting his hand on his wife’s knees. Bold.


The WGM staff members are pretty good about staying invisible behind the camera but for the first time I heard them burst out into laughter. They were laughing at the ridiculousness of those hats! Yoo Mi’s face when she tries it on is priceless, and it’s well worth watching the two of them struggle to drink their coke from the hats.

Anyone want to buy me one? For when I write these recaps. So I don’t have to take a break once in awhile, you know? 


The romantic couple meets up for their second date, and this is the real one. The first one they were just getting to know each other but now they can move past the initial introductions. Since they’re taking this pretty seriously, they’re moving at a fairly fast pace. For their second date, Lee So Yeon brings her dogs along. They’re not just your typical tiny and fluffy Korean pets, they are important members of Lee So Yeon’s family. 

Yoon Han says that he likes dogs but he’s never actually raised one. He gets visibly excited when he’s walking a dog for the first time. When he holds one of them to his chest, a little awkwardly, Lee So Yeon is surprised because of how calm her dog is. Normally her dog shakes when strangers get too near, she explains. She wonders if her pets somehow could sense that this person was someone important to her.


This couple’s second date is romantic but a little cliche. They feed deer, take pictures, take a bicycle ride together, and then settle down for a picnic. This couple does look good together and it’s nice to see them looking more comfortable but come on, when are we going to see something new and different? At least this couples got the visuals down. Everything they do seems something straight out of a cheesy romance movie. She even brings out the red checkered picnic blanket!


Lee So Yeon is very serious about Yoon Han meeting her family so she shyly suggests calling her two younger sisters up. Perhaps if they have time they can get a chance to meet him? Yoon Han is surprised, but doesn’t mind. They arrange for him to meet one of her younger sisters later on that evening. As they enjoy their picnic date, the two talk about what their mothers are looking for and how many kids they want to have. Those are really important topics for two people who are considering really getting married to each other. 

I really appreciate how different all three couples are. Taemin and Son Na Eun as the idol couple brings us the colors and fun of the K-Pop world. Jung Joon Young and Jung Yoo Mi make us laugh with the contrasts and high energy. Yoon Han and Lee So Yeon makes us wonder if they could actually fall in love. The WGM producer mentioned before how carefully they chose these three couples. I had my doubts at first but now I’m a believer. 

 That’s all for this recap! How do you feel now about the three couples? Leave a comment below and as always, talk to Noona! Follow her on Twitter  or send your questions/feedback via email.

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