Tablo Shares Recent Photos of Daughter Haru

Rapper and producer Tablo recently updated fans with recent photos of his daughter Haru. Fans might also remember when the adorable Haru prepared a meal for her father several months ago.

On September 29, Tablo tweeted photos of his daughter wearing a straw hat and spiffy tennis shoes along with comfy yellow pants and a black sweater. 

In one of the photos, Haru shyly clutches on to her red backpack while letting her dad take the photo. The two appear to be enjoying a father-daughter outing together on a sunny afternoon. Fans were especially surprised at how much Haru had grown to resemble her father. 

Netizens commented, “Wow, Haru looks just like her daddy!”, “Wow, she’s so adorable!” and “She must be happy to be spending time with her dad!”

Tablo married actress Kang Hye Jung back in 2009; the couple had their first child, Haru, on May 2, 2010.